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BIM models put the power of highly detailed construction data in your hands. Our specialised technical knowledge and customised workflows deliver data rich models that improve your operations.

Taking advantage of the latest technological advancements in BIM and utilising our customised workflows, we can deliver frequent data rich models to assist in managing project progress and tracking of materials from the workshop, through to construction on site and future maintenance requirements.




  • Assisting with construction sequences
  • Fabrication efficiencies
  • Conversion of native files into various file formats
  • Improved budget and schedule
  • Construction efficiencies
  • Collaboration and interfacing with other disciplines
  • Managing project progress
  • Clash detection across multiple disciplines
  • Intelligent models
  • Cloud access to models
  • Integration of reviews and mark ups
  • Tracking of materials from the workshop
  • Clear project overview
  • Maintenance requirements