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Movember 2019


26 November 2019

To raise awareness and provide support for men’s health we hosted a team lunch full of all the best manly foods – sliders, hot chips, potato wedges, buffalo wings, risotto balls, samosas and a very healthy greek salad and fruit platter for good measure.


There was plenty of laughter in the room as we watched a table of our colleagues race each other to see who could finish their mango first, the orange mo’s were certainly a sight to behold!

Laughter and applause erupted as the winners of “Magnum PI”, “Baby Face” and “Cousin Itt” were announced and each winner received the coveted certificate to cherish and place above their desks as a sign of honour and achievement.

The brains of the room were then heard buzzing as teams of Mechwestians pooled their general knowledge to answer a range of quiz questions and compete for the highly desired Quiz Masters title.

Although we shared an afternoon of fun and laughter the important topic of men’s health was highlighted throughout the event and it was agreed that we would continue supporting the worthwhile cause of Movember next November.