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Second North Metropolitan TAFE Project


15 June 2022

We recently partnered with North Metropolitan TAFE for a second time to help grow and develop the next generation in our industry.

Another successful training program with North Metropolitan TAFE in the books! This is our second year partnering with TAFE.

We continue to be blown away by the students’ hard work, passion and creativity! Watch the video to see them in action as their projects came to life.

The aim of the 6-month course is to provide students with real-world experience within the WA engineering space, incorporating scenarios they may be faced with post-study. Tasked with designing a working material handling system, they were given a budget and project outline. Then it was up to their ingenuity to create the final product.

The Mechwest team recently met with the TAFE staff and students for a final presentation session, and we were extremely impressed with their creations. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

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