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Do you like surprises?


30 August 2023

We love thinking of new ways to show our appreciation to our amazing team. We also love surprises. Particularly if they include Brendan Pang from MasterChef.

For the last few months, we have been secretly cooking up something special.

We started with some cryptic calendar invites showing cutlery. Then we added clues to the office TV screen. There were murmurs throughout the office and the team was swapping theories trying to guess the surprise. We managed to remain tight-lipped and kept everyone guessing.

On the day the kitchen was off-limits as Brendan and his team prepped. Once everything was in place we finally shared our surprise with our excited team and flung open the kitchen doors to show the Bumplings King ready to provide a wonton making demonstration.

Our team was even given the opportunity to try their own skills at making wontons with the Master at their side guiding them through the process.

After the tastebud-tingling demo our team was spoilt with a smorgasbord of tasty dishes and photo opportunities with the MasterChef fan favourite.

Thank you to Brendan and his team for an amazing afternoon!